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It is often said that visionaries view life with a different lens—one through which they are able to take what appears to be a challenge and, from that challenge, extract an opportunity. That is what sets them apart.   


PLC’s founder Ryan Harper took that belief to heart and applied it virtually out of college, taking his lessons learned in Business Management and Finance at Rollins College and merging them into what he now refers to as, “my natural affinity for complex business transactions.” Mindful of that, Ryan launched one of his bold commercial theories by proposing to enhance a series of neighborhoods located throughout Downtown Orlando, Florida. In order to do this, he introduced a plan to revitalize the area, and opened up access to funding for the development of these lands. 


“One thing you find out early,” Ryan remembers, “is that having an original concept is one thing. Being able to articulate it intelligently while also convincing others that it will work is another matter entirely.” This soon evolved into a brilliantly designed program endorsed by both the City of Orlando and a rather surprising aggregate of government agencies. What came out of it was something that helped redefine the landscape of Orlando’s entire downtown area. And ultimately this laid the foundation for a new multi-service business called Peninsula Lifestyle Capital.

People Turn To Us For Solutions

“Among the most important lessons we’ve learned is the simple truth that relationships in business are everything,” Ryan notes. “That means building trust. And that’s why we’re so proud of the fact that virtually 90% of our business comes from referrals, many of those from law firms.”

PLC Began as A Solution...

Upon starting out, Ryan acknowledged he had come from a very savvy business bloodline— including the worlds of legal, finance and accounting across several key industries including: timber, development, real estate, hospitality and renewable energy. So, from the beginning he knew that making great ideas work was all about planning and leverage. First you build a proper business model that wise investors can recognize and embrace. Then you consistently fine-tune this until it becomes something that smart investors and entrepreneurs alike want to be a part of. That way you couple everyone’s attention with a universal desire to participate.

A Reputation Built Upon Success…

“We live in an Age of Transparency,” Ryan observes. “And the Laws of Attraction apply. This gives us new ways of creating successful models for all the industries we serve. When you put winners with winners, you develop a synergy that galvanizes the potentials for what comes next.” The fact that PLC can provide expertise at so many levels of building businesses has earned a reputation as both the architect of successful business models and astute consultants to so many complex financial transactions. Creation of joint-ventures, identifying opportunities for strategic alliances, and forming complementary power mergers—these are some of the key areas that this unique group has turned into staples in its repertoire of services. Through diligent application of all these skills, Ryan and his team at PLC are routinely asked to work with Fortune 500 Companies and top financial institutions alike…where they come up with some amazing results!

Embracing Client Interests...

“One thing we never lose sight of,” Ryan notes, “is the fact that many major corporations started out as a vision by individual entrepreneurs. That’s why one of PLC’s areas of strength has been providing consultation to family-offices.” Regarded as a niche, the family-office services provided by this team have grown to be a pivotal area of financial expertise, one for which Ryan and PLC are renowned. Bringing fresh new business perspectives to its high-net-worth clients includes optimizing their portfolio potentials through tax benefits, estate planning and trusts.

“Of course, trusts and estate planning invariably involve law firms. And in a way that closes the loop on all the services PLC provides,” Ryan adds. “Since so much of what we do channels through law firms, it only stands to reason that many of them routinely retain PLC to provide support and strategy during complex litigation.” The litigation support that the team at PLC provides includes such areas as forensic accounting, fraud detection, fraud investigation and solvency analysis. And in doing so consistently for a number of years, they are able to take these seemingly disparate elements and reconstruct them into profit-producing models that help businesses both recover and thrive. Some major players in PLC’s client list include Tribal Nations, S&P superstars, private investors, and law firms.

An Ability to Identify Potential…

“Once you’ve come to understand that validation and personal meaning are the driving forces in our lives, you can find ways to help everyone reach their goals,” Ryan adds. “It’s simply a way of learning how things work and then finding the means to put them together. Everyone is an entrepreneur in waiting. Our job is to tap into that potential and not only give life to it, but also raise it to new levels where it can truly be empowered to make a difference.”

Community Is An Important Investment

Just as everyone has a particular passion when it comes to making a positive impact, Ryan confides that one of his primary crusades continues to be a dedication to renewable energy. And he follows through on that commitment by serving on the Board of a number of innovative renewable energy firms. “Think about the concept of sustainable renewable energy designs and what they stand for, and it fascinates the mind.” Ryan insists. “One motivation I want to share is overcoming the hurdles associated with the net-cost-of-conversion to energy. So we’ve all had to tap into our possibilities through collaboration.” Ryan’s community consciousness also filters over into his personal commitment to the Arts, the Environment and such cause groups as the Blueprint for Prosperity and Habitat for Humanity.

In every field of endeavor, you must have a vision for what is original, innovative and what will contribute to the larger picture. You build it around a solid business model, assemble it with integrity and a sense of the future, and prosperity will follow.

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