Business Advisor


We will be responsive to your needs, always standing with you side-by-side giving you sound, unbiased advice anytime that you would need us.


We are here to provide you with the clarity you need to see your business in a more revealing way, potentially identifying threats and weaknesses you have not seen.


We stand behind the solutions we provide, while our growing family of more than 250 satisfied clients is a testament to the success we have brought about.



When you need an Advisor to provide guidance through a project, or when you require interim support for efforts within your business, then choose us to find solutions to your problems. Our services are sought after by small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. Let our team review your goals to provide a sound strategy for succeeding with your growth.

  • We have earned our reputation for providing solutions to complex problems. By consistently exceeding expectations we have garnered trust and furthered our recognition internationally.

  • Members of our team have authored articles recognized as ground-breaking by our peers within the industries we represent. We are frequently asked to speak about our success at industry conferences around the world and are viewed as change-agents and thought-leaders by industry peers.

  • We continue to provide services for 92% of our clients that signed up with us within the three years from us opening our doors. We provide support to companies faced with opportunities for growth, or during other critical challenges including a reorganization, or when providing capital.

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Interim C-Suite Leadership

Regardless of a company's size it faces challenges when finding executive, board and management leadership. From managing a single-business to an enterprise, to understanding your teams dynamics, to meeting the financial rigours associated with managing your interests across numerous industries. Our unique solutions for providing you with interim leadership will address all of these concerns by managing the day-to-day business matters of your company until permanent leadership is found.

Business Assessment

While most business assessments are performed by in-house staff, we believe that an unbiased assessment is crititcal to creating a sound strategy that will address the needs of your company. We will review your existing business strategy to identify weakness and opportunity among your financial, management, marketing, and production activities. The weaknesses and opportunities that we have identified during our assessments have resulted in better relationships among stakeholders, increased profits and sales, and better communication between leadership and employees.

Negotiation Management

Whether the objective is to broaden, strengthen, or refocus your company we will provide a true understanding of the proposition to give basis for your decision. By turning to us for negotiating the consummation of a deal on your behalf we will ensure that you retain full control over the decisions being made, while also gaining the flexibility to evaluate a proposition without being pressured by the other party. We have completed more than 360 successful negotiations because we will research and understand the history of the parties in the negotiation, including current circumstances, motives and objectives for the engagement of a relationship or agreement.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We believe determining the viability of a potential merger or acquisition requires a much broader analysis of the factors involved than a simple financial analysis. In addition to the tax, legal, cash flow, and cash outlay considerations, we also will analyze the competitive positions, synergies, and strategies of each party. We take the time to understand each party’s objectives and their reasons for the transition in order to identify realistic opportunities, while providing honest, intelligent and objective advice. We have completed more than 78 M&A activities across each of the industries we serve resulting in sales with multipliers ranging from 4% upwards of 11%, with alliances that have resulted in increased profits upwards of 124%.

Turnaround Management

We do not act as a virtual agent, our team will be right their side-by-side assisting with all of your needs through a turnaround of your business. Our experience when faciliting a turn-around shows us that real experience, clear objectives, technical expertise and capable people are the reasons for a strong and effective turnaround transition. Working closely with you to develop solutions, we will identify goals and objectives to bring about a transformative event for your company.

Conflict Resolution

Unfortunately conflict is inevitable in a successful business. Let us help you find common ground for resolving differences on terms that will be fair to all parties. We regularly advise businesses, family-offices, and individuals seeking resolution to a wide variety of conflicts including contracts, misconduct, or any other type of dispute or allegation.


M&A Activities Increasing Profits Upwards Of

Successful Negotiations

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We believe that our success is completely dependent on your success, which is why We will be standing beside you when faced with tough decisions. We will help you execute solutions, not simply prepare a plan.