Business Consultant


We take the time to know you so that we can become an advocate for your interests, someone you can turn to... someone who will earn your trust.


Utilizing our industry expertise we assist you from contract negotiations, providing capital and asset management, through business succession, to supporting your family-office.


We bring you value by enhancing your performance through strategy, management and planning that is designed to ensure you achieve success.



As your Consultant we are committed to developing a strong long-term relationship with you. We are driven professionals that will deliver comprehensive, personalized, and proactive services to clients that desire superior service and discretion. Our team will take on the responsibility of making day-to-day decisions based on your unique situation and needs. Our goal is to provide you with the resources to grow and succeed.

  • Relationships are the cornerstone of our business. We have built our company upon the foundation of superior service to our clients through successful collaboration, management, and results.

  • Because each company's concerns are unique, we create plans that give our clients comfort knowing their business is prepared for adapting to change.

  • While appearing to be a small company we convey our capabilities by sharing the stories of our success when we have applied PLC's full suite of services to bring about change. By exceeding client's expectations we have earned an impeccable reputation as a trusted consultant.

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Family-Office Support

We provide support services to your family-office by going beyond the traditional planning, from negotiating agreements and executing strategy to overseeing the mentoring of the next generation. We are consultants with the knowledge and experience to offer better performance and risk protection, by advising you on important business and personal matters where we can apply our experience and resources. We are proud to serve some of the most prominent family-offices and private investors around the world.

Client Representative

We will develop an understanding of your short-term and long-term goals to better represent you in the day-to-day management of your interests across a wide range of industries. While serving as your representative we will use a collaborative approach when providing capital, planning, and management to support your interests using our full suite of services. Our expertise and outstanding reputation did not happen by luck or coincidence, we have earned our impeccable reputation as a trusted consultant to small businesses, family-offices and individuals.

Asset Management

Not all consultants are created equal when it comes to managing your assets. Our asset management represents more than $400 million of machinery, equipment, patents and commodities. Our team is managing an assorted real estate portfolio that is comprised of over 562,000 square feet of asset types including mixed-use, multi-family, retail, commercial, office, entertainment, and medical. We also operate and manage more than 87,143 acres, including forestry lands, citrus groves, and mitigation banks.

Business Succession

Whether you are contemplating selling or transitioning your business to the next generation, we will develop a truly effective transition plan to ensure your interests are upheld. When transitioning your business a succession plan presents an opportunity to create a multi-generational institution that will support the family’s principles and objectives for generations to come. We will work with you to identify the stewardship responsible for taking control of the on-going management of your company while cleary communicating with all the stakeholders involved.

C-Suite Leadership

We provide leadership for businesses ranging from privately-held companies to public corporations. From managing a single-business to an enterprise, to understanding your teams dynamics, to meeting the financial rigours associated with managing your interests across numerous industries. Members of our team provide on-going executive services for family businesses to large enterprises. Our solutions will ensure a sound management of the day-to-day business matters for your company.

Leadership Mentoring

Superior technology and products, excellent people, and good governance of leadership will not always produce sustainable profitability if the business leadership is not properly adapted to the competitive environment of your industry. Whether you plan to transfer out of your current role or leave the business altogether, a succession plan that incorporates the training of leadership that will be managing your business interest is vital. We have mentored executives that have transitioned into the management of their family business, to leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies.

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We believe that our success is completely dependent on your success, which is why we will be standing beside you when faced with tough decisions. We will help you execute solutions, not simply prepare a plan.