Business Finance & Investment


Rather than merely fulfilling your request for capital we will take the time to understand your immediate and long-term objectives and recommend a course of action that will guide you towards reaching those objectives.


We will evaluate your interests and provide insight to optimize your decisions and strategic thinking. Through our comprehensive suite of services we make sure you are presented with the best options for your business.


When you have an accurate understanding of the value for the investment and effort that has gone into your company you can make decisions that are based on reality rather than a misunderstanding.



We understand your need for a reliable and knowledgeable team of financing and industry experts who know your business, your industry, your assets and the importance of responding to opportunities. We recognize that not identifying the type of capital that is right for your business may end up impacting your company in a negative way. Our team can maneuver the intricacies associated with your business to identify the right capital that can serve your needs.

  • We maintain active relationships around the globe with family-offices, investors, pension funds, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, investment banks, insurance companies, financial advisors, and high-net-worth individuals.

  • By leveraging our industry expertise and relationships we can provide financial solutions for any phase of your business' life cycle. Our finance activities represent more than $4.5 billion in funded commitments.

  • We provide services across small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our team serves clients that are operating in more than 60 countries and have annual revenues ranging from $20 million, in excess of $12 billion.

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Private Equity

We provide more than just capital. Our team has successfully completed over 40 private equity investments occurring across a variety of industries that have played a vital role in helping companies realize their potential. We strive to create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, strategic insight, global relationships and operational support can drive transformation that unlocks a companys' potential.

Lending & Finance

So that you can take advantage of a transformative opportunity for your company we will provide the financing necessary for a business to grow, buy new equipment or expand into new markets. Over the past decade our team has deployed more than $4.5 billion to meet the financing needs of our clients. The financing we have provided will be used to make a significant contribution to our client's long-term goals.

Asset-Based Lending

Our asset-based lending will offer a solution to a company facing an opportunity for expansion by opening access to capital that otherwise would not have been available. We will discuss the options available to capture capital based on your business assets including equipment, machinery, patents, portfolios, real estate, and aircraft.

Feasibility Assessment

Feasibility studies are conducted to assess the potential benefit of your intended investment. Our reports are routinely relied upon by investors to guide their expansion into new markets, enter into a partnership, or to capture the benefits of diversifying their interests.

Business Valuation

Business managers are finding an ever increasing need for an unbiased valuation whether for mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, seeking a partner, estate planning, stock interest transfers, tax disputes or litigation. Our valuation reports are among the most trusted and respected in the industries we serve, resulting in sales with multipliers ranging from 4% upwards of 11%.

Forensic Accounting

In the areas of forensic accounting and litigation, it is important to work with experienced professionals who have the ability to clarify complex financial information for presentation to a wide range of audiences. Our experience in various industries allow us to provide well-reasoned opinions for use in litigation and other disputes. Over the past 4 years our team has uncovered 2 of the largest prosecuted cases of investment fraud in the State of Florida.

Capital Deployed In Lending

Finance Requests Completed

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We believe that our success is completely dependent on your success, which is why we will be standing beside you when faced with tough decisions. We will help you execute solutions, not simply prepare a plan.