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PLC offers a full suite of services that will provide our clients with intelligent solutions to complex issues. Since opening our doors in 2008 we have built a sterling reputation upon solid, proven performance. 
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Our purpose is to ensure that you realize your objective. We have proven our ability to execute the solutions our clients need time and again whether providing services to identify an opportunity, assist in the evaluation process, due diligence, financial analysis, or to provide capital, final recommendations, or direct the ongoing management of your interests.


You will see right away that our commitment goes beyond a simple review of your interests. We will discuss why you are doing what you are doing, and what you would expect from your business in the coming years. Our team will offer you thoughtful solutions to the threats we identify that can impact the longevity of your interests, while developing a plan to support your growth. We remain committed to fostering an everlasting relationship with our clients.


We believe in transparency, that is why you will receieve direct answers from us. We will provide you with a clear, unbiased plan that is built using more than a decade of the knowledge we have gained from our experience. Whether you need our team to provide capital, manage your interests, or bring about change to your business we can provide you with immediate assistance once you contact our office.

We are a leader
with proven success

We have completed more than 1,200 requests for finance from our clients, representing more than $4.5 billion in funded commitments. We have completed more than 78 M&A activities across each of the industries we serve resulting in sales with multipliers ranging from 4% upwards of 11%, with alliances that have resulted in increased profits upwards of 124%. Currently, our team is directing efforts at small businesses with local presence and small budgets to large corporations that are operating in more than 60 countries with revenues that range from $20 million to more than $12 billion. 
Our Leadership


Ryan Harper

Ryan is a skilled consultant and investor with an impressive track record of solutions development in corporate environments. Ryan brings his extensive experience in complex business negotiations, structuring strategic alliances, and relationship building to his clients.

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We believe that our success is completely dependent on your success, which is why we will be standing beside you when faced with tough decisions. We will help you execute solutions, not simply prepare a plan.