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Jeffrey is one of those unique individuals who has always been able to apply his innate business instincts to support his professional strengths in finance, aviation, mergers, acquisitions, mining and litigation support.


After starting his first company just out of college—as a preferred vendor with EDS when it was acquired by General Motors—Jeffrey quickly learned that most of the basic rules apply whether you are doing business with a major corporation or a small private investor. “There is a solid solution for everything if you know how to put the pieces together,” Jeffrey has discovered.

A Beginning in Aviation

One of the ways Jeffrey has earned his reputation was with his uncanny abilities to “see complex financial transactions through to completion” in the mercurial airline industry. While serving as the COO of Aero Lloyd Aviation, Jeffrey oversaw the restructuring of AirTran Airways by leveraging assets held by the airline to financially bridge the costs of operations during a period of recovery. This facilitated the successful restructuring of the airline in 1997, affording it the stature for an eventual merger with Southwest Airlines. So impressive were his innovative management methods that Jeffrey was soon sought after by numerous Part 121 Scheduled Airlines—including Spirit Airlines, Southeast Airlines, Access Air and others—to help reform and redefine what was, at that time, a period of turmoil during airline consolidations. What’s more, Jeffrey was instrumental in helping Aero Lloyd become a viable player inside the commercial and private aviation lending sectors, while also positioning it to be the lessor of choice in several Latin American Countries. Known for over a decade for his ability to source financing used in the restructuring of regional fractional jet operations, Jeffrey has also established relationships like “DaimlerChrysler JetOne” with flight operations provided by DaimlerChrysler Aviation, a successful “co-branding” strategy featured in The Wall Street Journal.

See a Need and Find a Solution

“In whatever you do, positioning is critical,” Jeffrey emphasizes. “You determine which keystone holds something together, and you use it to anchor new transactions.” Jeffrey rediscovered that principle when he and co-founder Ryan Harper began to define what is now PLC. Shortly thereafter, PLC became the singular company that anticipated the gathering storm in ways that others had not…and capitalized upon it. And, by this time in his career, Jeffrey had garnered a reputation for his mastery of several types of businesses that eventually cut across virtually every area of business and industry. “When the actual collapse finally came in 2009, the big banks started shuttering their doors, and we did not,” Jeffrey remembers.

Honesty Integrity Transparency

Jeffrey and Ryan like to point to a trifecta of business standards that they feel best represents them to the world. And it may be defined with three words: honesty, integrity, and transparency. “The fact that we have an advantage over others has to do not only with the fact that we can find solutions where no one else can, but also because people know we are driven to solutions and not just profit for its own sake.” Jeffrey illustrates this fact by citing a relationship with one of their clients, The Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc., the Economic Development Agency for the Seminole Tribe of Florida, owners of Hard Rock Café International, operating in more than 67 countries. Noted for gaming and hospitality, The Seminole Tribe of Florida, Inc. has now entered into several diversified streams of income. These involve the sale and distribution of fuels and lubricants; construction and development of commercial, medical, entertainment, and sports venues; raising premium cattle for beef; and the production and marketing of various consumer brands, including specialty products such as water and beverage bottling.

“If PLC has developed a credo it has been this: Problems Present Opportunities,” Jeffrey is often heard saying. “I think it’s a winning philosophy, and it has to start at the top.”

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Being A Good Steward For The Environment...

Having the right answers is also a matter of knowing what truly matters. And, Jeffrey is someone who shows true dedication to everything he undertakes. This includes a commitment to community. “In today’s business climate, you need to have a consciousness that gears itself to far-reaching implications. That especially applies to the way any real estate and land development transaction may impact the environment,” Jeffrey observes. “In Florida that impact is felt in the ongoing need for wetlands mitigation and safeguarding endangered species such as the Florida Panther.

For that reason, I became involved in creating numerous endangered species mitigation banks and wetlands mitigation banks.’ So we created Wetland Mitigation Banks to ensure no-net-loss of wetlands going forward, and that our ‘contract with Nature’ is honored.” And to ensure the safeguarding of the Florida Panther Jeffrey began by creating the state’s first ever ‘Endangered Species Mitigation Bank’. That “contract” often involves a delicate balance between extracting natural resources and restoring them. Aware of the necessity of both, Jeffrey is acknowledged for his expertise in modeling the investment potential of mining operations. Able to take the challenge every step of the way, Jeffrey has successfully managed the entitlement process for the rights to mine, including conducting feasibility assessments for numerous aggregate mining operations—including quantity, type, and grade of the product in the ground. And he has done all this while working diligently with environmental consultants and the operators themselves to balance product demands with sensible timelines for the operations longevity and to assure absolute reclamation.

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A Driving Force...

Ultimately, Jeffrey has seen to it that PLC is a champion of diversity. Mindful that honoring our traditions forms a basis for all future transactions, Jeffrey truly believes that PLC is the one full-service funding source able to focus on all requirements for capital, generation of revenue and modern market innovations. Clearly, as a company, PLC likes a challenge. And gauging from the rapidly rising lists of blue chip clients and Fortune 500 companies now signing up, it is determination that is paying dividends. “But it’s not just size that determines our criteria for engagement. It also has to do with the heart of the companies we serve…and a great deal of integrity of intention. We believe in making a difference. That’s what we feel sets us apart.”

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